Boy With Autism Pursues Division 1 Dream

This article by USA Today Sports High School Sports talks of elite high school runner Michael Brannigan, a rising senior with autism.

The first thing I noticed is that our attention is caught by this article by the fact that this boy has autism. As a future special education teacher, I’ve learned to recognize, and hate, the stigmas that go along with these disabilities. So I was disappointed by the title, but once I got to the end of the article, it made sense. 

Michael won the 2 mile at New Balance Nationals with a time of 8:53. Obviously, he has great talent. The article goes on to talk about Michael’s great accomplishments and dedication to his training. 

But it’s the end of the article that really catches your attention. Michael would like to run for a Division 1 institution, but the NCAA has academic requirements for Division 1 athletes. With a disability. Michael has had a hard time reaching these requirements. And this is where the title comes into play.

Everyone should have equal opportunity. Michael’s parents say they want to petition NCAA, which is a smart decision. This boy has no control over his disability, and as the quote stated by his mother perfectly sums it up:

“Here’s a kid who has talent, dedication, and drive. He’s earned the right to run against the best college runners in the country. Why can’t he have the opportunity?” 


World Elephant Day- A Cause Near & Dear To My Heart

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It started off as an infant with the immediate love for the Disney movie “Dumbo,” and since then my love for elephants has never stopped growing. 

I spent a semester in college as an Animal Behavior major, with the intention of graduating to be an elephant trainer. One of the reasons I decided to go down another path was because with that as a profession I would have to give up running. (See…this post is kind of running related). 


Best day of my life!

Unfortunately, the treatment these poor creatures face is horrendous. They are on the brink of extinction for the slaughtering of their tusks. They are chained and beaten to perform in shows, and tourist camps around the world. A new fact I learned is that many of the photos you will see online of elephants with tourists or on the beach in Thailand means they are most likely abused.

Soooo…what do we do?



Obviously, don’t support the black market ivory trade. Do not support live shows that mistreat animals, aka circuses and such. And do not support the tourist attractions involving these poor creatures. 

Go to and sign the pledge to help protect these precious animals!

Hell Yeah I Run Like A Girl!

I came across this video on the runners world facebook page, and absolutely loved it. When did doing something “like a girl” become and insult? Take my blog title for example; “Runner Girl Robin”
I identify myself as a runner, and a girl. And obviously i don’t use any of those terms in a derogatory fashion.

The producers ask older women, and 10 year old girls, the same question: Show us running like a girl.
The older women demonstrated the stereotypical girly girl; laughing, flailing their arms.

But the 10 year olds were a different story. They ran straight and tall, with proud confidence. One girl even said “running like a girl means running as fast as I can!”

It’s time to redefine what doing something “like a girl” means. Because why is it a bad thing?!

If running like a girl means running tall, proud, and with a smile on my face, the hell yeah I run like a girl!

Use the hashtag #LikeAGirl on twitter to declare your support!