Race Review: Foam Fest 5k




If that look on my face doesn’t tell you how much fun I had at 5k Foam Fest, then hopefully this raving review will convince you to do the race yourself!

I had an absolute blast at this race. From the very start! The starting chute itself is a party; loud music and SO MANY BUBBLES!! I’m 5’1″ and was almost completely covered! (And they aren’t made of soap, so they don’t sting your eyes!)

Our course was on a dirt bike course, so it was incredibly hilly. I can’t speak for other courses, but this one was very physically challenging. All in all it took us about an hour to complete the race, but that was with waiting in a few lines for obstacles and some walk breaks.



The race motto is “Get Filthy Clean” because that’s exactly what you do. One minute you’re caked in mud, and the next your covered head to toe in foam. Don’t be fooled- this is also a mud run!!

Some of the obstacles include:

  • Lily pads (floating on water, you have to run as fast as you can so you don’t fall in!)
  • Rope walls
  • Mud pits
  • DEATH DROP SLIDE (my favorite)
  • Huge slip-n-slide

Plus you get this nifty medal at the end (and a t-shirt)



Two other fabulous features of the race is that you can use your bib number to check your bag, so bring your phone so you can take pictures! And as for the mud, no worries- they have a shower station of hoses!

Well now that I’ve told you how fun it is, I’ve got a little bonus: use the code FF3804 to get a discount on your registration!

So really, fun AND a discount? How can you say no?! 😉


Follow Me on the Twitter Machine

I made a new twitter handle just for my blog, because if you follow me on my regular account chances are you’ll find more posts about cute animals and spongebob (I may be 20, but I’m still a 90’s kid at heart) than running. 

I am now at https://twitter.com/RunnerGirlRobin, come stop by for a chat!

pssst, I follow back 😉

A Note About Sweat Training

It’s not safe.

There’s a common misconception that sweat training helps one lose weight. In reality, it’s actually horrible for you. When you sweat, you’re losing the necessary water your body needs, which is why as runners we always talk about how important hydration is.

General rule of thumb: for every pound you lose on a run, you drink an ounce of water after. For example, if you get back from a run and are 2 pounds lower than before, you need to drink at least 2 ounces of water to replenish. 

I’m not sure what is different this year, but I have run into so many people running in spandex and jackets on these 70-90 degree days. Dehydration can lead to many other serious issues, such as overheating and heat stroke. 

As temperatures rise, it’s very important to keep track of your liquid consumption with how much you’ll lose on a sweaty run. If you know someone who sweat trains, try to talk to them about these important health issues. 

Rochester, Get Your Juice Fix!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “product review,” but today is going to be a little different…I’m reviewing the little gem of a business called Just Juice 4 Life.


I discovered Just Juice 4 Life in their adorable mobile cart (pictured above) at the Sunday Brighton Farmer’s Market. I was wandering aimlessly an ordered a fruity kale juice (because we all know I’m a huge fan of kale in it’s juice form) and downed it in about 3 minutes.

Owner Damaris Pinedo started the business after discovering the magical powers of juice herself in 2009. Her business offers not only a huge variety of delicious juices and smoothies, but in cleanses, crates, and workshops as well. Check out the extensive menu:


The business is centered around the holistic approach to life, which is a huge aspect of running. It was not only her juice that I fell in love with, but what she stood for as well.

Just Juice is nestled on the beautiful Park Ave , number 713. Their adorable mobile cart can be found at the Brighton Farmer’s Market on Sundays.

Go ahead and give it a try, let me know what you think in the comments!

You Haven’t Done A Color Run?! You Should Get On That!

color run 3



As you can clearly see in the photo above, I had an absolute blast  at the color run! Not only was it a great time, but it exposes our wonderful sport to people who otherwise wouldn’t think twice about going for a run. Here are some things to know:

  1. This isn’t a timed run. You will be stopping to walk…a lot. Don’t get all competitive and race it, just have fun!
  2. Wear sneakers that you don’t mind getting color on! I wore my regular running sneakers, and my socks kept getting blue for days.

And finally….

color run




3.  You’re going to get very colorful!!!

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring towels to sit on. And **ladies with long hair** I had color stick to my hair for days because I didn’t read the pre-race suggestions (oops!). Oil your hair before the race!!! Douse your head in coconut or olive oil. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

If any color ends up sticking to your head or skin, a mixture of baking soda and water takes it right out.

Do this race with someone you’re close with. I did it with my family and best friend, and had even more fun being able to share the experience with him.

color run 2


Have you done a color run? What did you think?

A Very Happy National Running Day!!

Happy National Running Day!!! If you haven’t done so already, check out http://www.runningday.org. Here you can find:

  • Runs going on around your town today- connect with fellow runners!
  • Create your own “Why I Run” badge
  • Pledge your miles using the Charity Miles app (Looks like Runner Girl Robin predicted the future that this app would become a great hit!)

Also, click here to find some cool discounts and free stuff from Runningday.org! 

The badge pictured above is mine! 

I want to know: what will your badge say? How are you going to celebrate national running day? What charity are you going to run for?