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“Sexy is an attitude, not a body type.”


This Whole…”Thigh Gap” Thing

I had one once.

When I was 10 years old and hadn’t hit puberty yet. 

I really don’t understand what the appeal is….other than the lack of chaffing (har har).

When I see pictures of girls with thigh gaps, I don’t think they look healthy. And I don’t think having a lack-of-thigh-gap makes you unhealthy, or overweight, or anyone of the other terms that have been coined along with it. I’m fit and active, and my thighs touch. And I don’t really care.

But of course, another standard had to be added to the list of perfect qualities in a female figure. Because worrying about our stomach and ass wasn’t enough. 

The amount of growing body image controversy disturbs me. I’m a girl, I’ve been there. But I’ve been able to realize that as long as I’m healthy, the only person’s opinion that matters about my body image is my own. That’s tough advice for a young girl to take, so what are we teaching them? 

As hard as it is, it is us as women that are the examples for these girls. We need to instill this confidence in ourselves, so they can learn to gain it as well. Otherwise, we’ll just be running in circles.