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“22 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Are A Runner”

Check out this article from Buzzfeed, a very entertaining read!!



Race Review: Foam Fest 5k




If that look on my face doesn’t tell you how much fun I had at 5k Foam Fest, then hopefully this raving review will convince you to do the race yourself!

I had an absolute blast at this race. From the very start! The starting chute itself is a party; loud music and SO MANY BUBBLES!! I’m 5’1″ and was almost completely covered! (And they aren’t made of soap, so they don’t sting your eyes!)

Our course was on a dirt bike course, so it was incredibly hilly. I can’t speak for other courses, but this one was very physically challenging. All in all it took us about an hour to complete the race, but that was with waiting in a few lines for obstacles and some walk breaks.



The race motto is “Get Filthy Clean” because that’s exactly what you do. One minute you’re caked in mud, and the next your covered head to toe in foam. Don’t be fooled- this is also a mud run!!

Some of the obstacles include:

  • Lily pads (floating on water, you have to run as fast as you can so you don’t fall in!)
  • Rope walls
  • Mud pits
  • DEATH DROP SLIDE (my favorite)
  • Huge slip-n-slide

Plus you get this nifty medal at the end (and a t-shirt)



Two other fabulous features of the race is that you can use your bib number to check your bag, so bring your phone so you can take pictures! And as for the mud, no worries- they have a shower station of hoses!

Well now that I’ve told you how fun it is, I’ve got a little bonus: use the code FF3804 to get a discount on your registration!

So really, fun AND a discount? How can you say no?! 😉

You Haven’t Done A Color Run?! You Should Get On That!

color run 3



As you can clearly see in the photo above, I had an absolute blast  at the color run! Not only was it a great time, but it exposes our wonderful sport to people who otherwise wouldn’t think twice about going for a run. Here are some things to know:

  1. This isn’t a timed run. You will be stopping to walk…a lot. Don’t get all competitive and race it, just have fun!
  2. Wear sneakers that you don’t mind getting color on! I wore my regular running sneakers, and my socks kept getting blue for days.

And finally….

color run




3.  You’re going to get very colorful!!!

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring towels to sit on. And **ladies with long hair** I had color stick to my hair for days because I didn’t read the pre-race suggestions (oops!). Oil your hair before the race!!! Douse your head in coconut or olive oil. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

If any color ends up sticking to your head or skin, a mixture of baking soda and water takes it right out.

Do this race with someone you’re close with. I did it with my family and best friend, and had even more fun being able to share the experience with him.

color run 2


Have you done a color run? What did you think?

Want A Chance to Run One of the Most Fun 5k’s ever?! (Bonus DISCOUNT)

Chances are you haven’t yet heard of the 5k foam fest….but you should have. Rather than telling you about it, just watch the video below. 

Wonder if the 5k foam fest is coming near you? Check here

And because Runner Girl Robin loves you all so very much, I’m giving you a discount coupon code you can enter at registration!

At checkout, enter the coupon code FF3804

I can’t wait to do this, it looks like an absolute blast! Are you going to run one of the 5k foam fests?! 

The Boston Marathon: Some big ups and downs


For the first time in 31 years, an American crossed the famous Boylston Street finish line in first place. Meb Keflezighi finished with a time of 2:08:37

And while I couldn’t be more thrilled, my heart is broken for my girl Shalane Flanagan. If you’ve been following interviews with her, this is a race she’s been preparing for all year. She’s spent her weekends memorizing every little detail of the course, and was ready to take home the win.

Flanagan lead the race strong for the first 30k, and without her leading and pacing there is no way the record would have been broken today. (The top 4 women broke the course record). 

You could tell she knew the course like the back of her hand; she knew when to take all the tangents while all the other runners just kept running straight. Though I’m disappointed, this was my favorite part of the day:


So nice to see her BFF Kara Goucher sticking up for her. Love those two together.

What are your thoughts on today’s race? 

Running: Both A Team & Individual Sport

This is always one of the most difficult arguments to get into with a non-runner; is running an individual sport, or a team sport? It’s really a collaboration of both.

In running as a team, it is each individual’s position that moves the team forward. It’s just you against the course. There’s no assists, no “passes,” etc. Sure your teammates can help push you, but in the end it’s all up to you.

The perfect example I can give is a relay. 4 people working towards one common goal together: winning. However, if one person falls off short on their leg, it affects the whole team.

Or trying to make it to a state meet as a team; you have to have a certain number of people place in a top category to all make it together.

The other half of the sport’s individuality, is one working towards their own goals. Who can say they don’t want to do their best when they race? You work hard for those PR’s, you want to reach those goals.

So running is really a double edged sword; you’re working for yourself, but your performance can also affect others, and I think that’s where a lot of the pressure comes in.

What do you think about this topic?